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Make Vancouver fin-free and ban shark fin 無翅溫市

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Shark populations around the globe are plummeting at an alarming rate, threatening the stability of our ocean ecosystem mainly for shark fin. Vancouver is the second largest Chinese restaurant industry in North America next to San Francisco. Today, you can help make a difference by supporting legislation to ban shark fins in the City of Vancouver.

Every year, up to 73 million sharks are killed primarily for their fins, a practice that is not only ecologically destructive, but wasteful.

SHARKS ARE IMPORTANT: Sharks are top predators that maintain the health of our ocean ecosystem. With late sexual maturity, long gestation and life spans, they are being killed at rates their populations simply cannot sustain.

A WASTEFUL PRACTICE: On average, sharks' fins make up less than 5 percent of the animals' total body weight. Due to the high value of their fins (a dorsal or a whale shark can sell for 50,000CDN) and low value of their meat, sharks are often finned at sea and the rest of their body is wasted and dumped overboard.

The shark fin trade is driven by the growing demand for shark fin soup – a delicacy popular at middle-to higher-class Chinese banquets like weddings. Many Chinese wedding couples and consumers have already joined the movement and pledged to not consume shark fin. When one-third of open ocean sharks are being threatened with extinction, banning shark fin products would reflect this growing change and help curb shark finning effectively. 

Join us to Stop the Soup – Spread Shark Truth. Sign our petition urging Vancouver City Councillors to enact legislation that would ban shark fin products in Vancouver.


因為要獲取鯊魚鰭,導致每年有高達 73億只鯊魚被殺害。這是一種不僅破壞生態,而且浪費的做法。

鯊魚的存在非常重要: 鯊魚是頂階捕食者,這意味著鯊魚的存在維持著海洋的生態平衡。由於鯊魚性成熟晚,妊娠率低和生命週期長,以目前被捕殺的速度,他們根本無法繼續維持種群的數量。

鯊魚割鰭同時也是一種非常浪費的做法: 總體而言,鯊魚鰭佔身體的總重量不到5%。由於他們的鰭的價值非常高(一條成熟鯊魚的背鰭可以銷售到50,000加元)而肉的價值卻非常低廉,因此鯊魚常常在海上就被割翅,而身體其餘部分則被丟棄於海洋。



請加入我們,拒絕和停止魚翅湯 - 傳播鯊魚真相。請簽署請願書,一起促請溫哥華市議員通過立法,禁止在溫哥華魚翅產品。

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