Make "Spider-Man 4" with Tobey Maguire

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Signing this petition will inform the powers-that-be at Sony Pictures Entertainment and MARVEL (Disney)... that we are ready for a mega-blockbuster follow-up to the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movie series.

MARVEL has taken Spider-Man back to high school (again) with the Tom Holland picture ("Homecoming")... and they also hired the writing/directing team behind the rehash of "Vacation" to do the job.  Who are we to judge?

I think we'd be more happy with two concurrent Spider-Man film series in this modern era.  Let's take a nod from the comic book world and have two alternate Spider-Man cinematic continuities running at the same time by bringing the Raimi-verse back together.

So, true believers--act now!  Let's have a fourth Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie made--as soon as possible... a quality movie that you, me, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, roommates, brothers, cousins, and even grandmas and grandpas will want to see.  We have waited long enough.  And if you see it at the drive-in, maybe you'll be able to bring Fido.

This petition will instill confidence in SONY and MARVEL that we are 100% on board with Sam Raimi directing, and in Tobey Maguire reprising his role as Spider-Man for the next great SONY and MARVEL film of the new millennium.

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And, hey, look at these recent issues of both California Style and Town & Country... Kirsten Dunst has had a makeover and is now hotter than ever.


Tobey Maguire is the unforgettable hero of the Spider-Man movies.  He made it cool to be Spider-Man.  It is one of those perfect marriages between actor & character that only happens once a century.  When people think of Deadpool they think Ryan Reynolds; when we think Spidey... we think Tobey Maguire.


Yes!  "During a comic-con over at Akron, Tobey Maguire told reporters that he absolutely misses playing Spider-Man and [he] said that 'I would play him again (talking about the Spider-Man role) in a heartbeat but make no mistake they (SONY) haven't talked to me about it.'"


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When fans heard that Andrew Garfield was getting axed from the Spider-Man series, hope arose across the planet.  Danny Elfman lovers opened up their Spotify apps and connected their smartphones to car stereos which then transmitted the original Spider-Man trilogy's magical score to their human ears.  Of course at the time, it was rumored that the man movie lovers know as the one true Spider-Man (and Peter Parker), Tobey Maguire, might actually return to the role.

Talented filmmakers were approached to give their comments on the Tom Holland decision.  Like Harrison Ford when asked about certain films (and more recently when James Cameron was asked about "Terminator Genisys"), these filmmakers gave completely innocuous and evasive-sounding answers.

Please count to four Sony Pictures... then put it on a movie poster with webbing behind it so we know it's going to happen.  Let's put the Man back in Spider-Man.


Sign and share this petition.  Save humanity and save yourselves, give the opportunity to control a new Spider-Man movie to Arad Productions & Sam Raimi and do it today.  Let them make some real superhero art again.  Give Stan Lee a role in a movie he can be proud of.

Spider-Man comics have long been about a mature Peter Parker dealing with adult issues.  It is a misconception that the character of Spider-Man must be tied to a wiener-high school kid.  

MARVEL and Sony Pictures, please don't demean your audience.  Look to the Bad Hat Harry X-MEN series which has now been going strong for over 15 years.  That's your guiding light, that's leading by example.

That's quality film-making.  That's loyalty to a group of actors, to a group of filmmakers, and to an audience...  an audience that gives their faith and expects to see characters & performers they know and love seen through an arc over a whole lotta God damned movies!

The petition organizer (Robert Shane Ellis) has written his own new script for "Spider-Man 4," available to Sony Pictures.  Industry professionals at Sony may ask for it to be sent over via his agent at...

If you have the latest edition of the screenplay, it should be marked January 28, 2018.

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