Jacking off should be considered a sport

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See, there are so many dumb sports.  Take golf for instance, which isn't athletic in the slightest.  If you break a sweat playing golf, it's because it's hot outside.  The same goes for many other "sports".  Shooting, fishing, darts, etc.  How are any of these sports?  There's no physical rigour, there's no athleticism.  Jacking off, on the other hand, is quite the energetic endeavor.  See, like these other "sports", jacking off has a multitude of techniques and forms associated with it, but it also takes a degree of stamina and athleticism.  If you're really gettin' that nut, and really strokin' fast, then you very well could start sweating.  I'm proud to say that I have.  And you can't just senselessly slap your meat stick until the juice comes out, you have to have some kind of technique or form.  There are multiple approaches to this dilemma, but senseless movement does little in the way of sexual pleasuring.  Because it requires some technique and athleticism, jacking off deserves to be considered a sport and maybe even have national/international competitions.

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