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Make Harry Potter show up in Kingdom Hearts

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Although non Disney, Harry Potter has a very Disney-esque feel to it; its full of magic, unforgettable characters and morals that one grows up with and learns from the stories. It's safe to say that had David Heyman(the Potter producer), not had connections at Warner, then Disney could have gotten the rights to make Harry Potter and therefore include it in KH. It would be very interesting to include HP in a KH game as they have a lot of similarities that would fit:

Voldemort = Xehanort (they have a similar sounding name, they look alike, they have a similar plot, they have similar followers, they both value the Master weapon that the main characters use Elder wand = X blade )


Magic in both of them 


Org. 13 = Death Eaters 


Axel/Lea = Snape ( they both sacrificed themselves for the main character, they both befriended and taught a relative of the main character (Lily/Roxas & Xion), they both betrayed the org/death eaters 


The common Trio of characters 


Riku is similar to Harry in many ways - their battles with darkness, loner 


Voldemort has possed Harry = Xehanort possessing Riku and Terra and (almost) Sora 


The dividing of 7 horcruxes of Voldemort's soul = Dividing of 13 darkensses of Xehanort's soul 


7 lights to defeat 13 darknesses = 3 hallows to defeat horcrux/ the number 7 being a significant number for both 


The main character leaves his home 


Good vs. evil 


Main villain acts polite and good but is really psychopath and evil


Larxene = Bellatrix (both Btichy, crazy, torurous) 


Main character's friend sacrifices himself for him and other friend (Ron in the Chess fight, Riku by giving into darkness and staying behind on the door to darkness)


There is a spell in Hp called Ventus 


Aqua and Hermione are both very clever and the only ones of the 3 to accomplish something (Aqua being key blade master, Hermione not giving into darkness (same as Aqua) and the only one to finish all Hogwarts years) 


Riku (so far) the only one of his trio to become a master 


- The Main villains are very similar to each other; they both have a similar plot and methods of their plans and have very similar characteristics
- The magical aspect of KH is one that would be interesting to explore post-Xehanort Saga and with a villain similar to Xehanort, it would be interesting to see them not able to defeat a villain in the same way, no matter how similar
- With the next generation graphics, and the texturing promised for KH3, then later on in the series, the graphics would look amazing and not "awkward" like they were in KH2 for Pirates of the Caribbean
- Dementors basically are Heartless
- I could personally see HP working in KH WAAAAAY more than Star Warsimilar themes: Think about it, HP/KH are a lot alike. A lot of the themes of both tie into each other. Heck, when DH2 came out i imeadieatly though of KH during Neville's speech, plus Sirius' leaving of Harry in PoA. Friendship and love, Light vs. Dark are such strong themes in both. Sora & co. would have great chemistry interacting with the HP folks.

- Xehanort= Voldemort. Heck, they rhyme, similar sounding name, similar plots, both look alike - crazy, bald old men who show up in different forms. Need I say more? Plus consider:

Organization 13 = Death Eaters

7 Lights = 7 Horcruxes but in reverse

Xehanort dividing himself up into 13/14 selves = Voldy dividing himslef into 7/8 parts

First installment of both contains a giant 3 headed dog (Fluffy/Cerberus) both based on Greek mythology

Penuitlmate installment introduces A LOT on main antagonist and deals with strong teen angst. HBP/DDD:

Young Xehanort/Young Riddle being prominently featured in both.

The Horceuxes/13 Darkness revealed

Diving into memories in both - pensive/sleeping worlds

Larxene = Bellatrix

Both have possessed the main protagonist: Voldy in Ootp, Sora becoming a vessel in DDD, plus of course Terra's body being possessed by Xehanort

Lea/Axel = Snape in that a member of the Organization/Death Eaters betrays the group and is REALLY a hero/good guy all along and do what they do for love and friendship

Both deal with magic - both sorcery and the magic of friendship

The Elder Wand = The X-Blade

An interesting metaphoircal comparison:

The Story of the Three Brothers in HP - One dies for power (Terra), one dies from Love (Aqua/Ventus) One accepts their fate and opens Death into loving arms (Aqua/Ventus)

Dementors basically are Heartless - sucking all the LIGHT out of the world and spreading darkness, plus the use of light to defeat them

Both series use their powers to make the world(s) a better place

Fun fact: Haley was supposed to play Harry had Speilberg directed the HP films.

For those who think the MAGIC in HP won't work compared with KH magic, consider the Fairy Godmother's magic used in BBS and the magic of Prankster's Paradise. Plus of course Port Royal's magic. Genie's magic, etc.

And here's why Star wars would F KH up:

It is just waaaaay too much like KH. I mean, Harry has elements that are similar, but with Star Wars, you are adding on a whole galaxy of warriors fighting to protect worlds. With HP, it's just a world, but with Star Wars its just waaaaaaaay too much of a good thing, which I personally find is the issue with Star wars in the first place, its too overstuffed with things and is def more style than substance.

Like someone else said it would cause too much of a plothole with the whole guardians of light and keyblade masters. Having Jedi/Sith and Keyblade masters/darkness in the same game is too awsome. I know some people said the same thing about HP, but seriously, think about it. Harry would be just like ANY other World. Star Wars is MORE than a world, its its own universe and galaxy! Having Jedi team up with Sora and co would ruin the whole fun and point of KH, it just wouldn't be KH anymore. Harry would be a fun cameo like Pirates was, could be introduced and would NOT ruin the whole plot. I know Xehanort/Voldemort are similar and if they EVER meet, it would be kinda like this Star wars complaint, but in all honestly, even if they DID team up it wouldn't effect the series as much, and besides very likely IF Hp was featured, it wouldn't happen till AFTER the Xehanort saga and could just be shown as a reminder/reference of Xehanort

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