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Dogs and cattles being removed due to President Trump's visit in Ahmedabad

Anu Pandey
Delhi, India

Feb 19, 2020 — 

The American president Donald Trump is to visit India on February 24th, 2020. He shall be visiting Ahmedabad and the sources are saying that there is a likelihood that the dogs and the Neel Gaye (blue cow) who stay in that vicinity (the VIP route) shall be temporarily shifted for 5 days.

This is being done as a precautionary measure because in 2015 when US secretary of state John Kerry had visited India his cavalcade had hit a dog which by chance came in it's way.

Well, seeing the report one gets a feeling that the municipal corporation of Ahmedabad is aware about the dog rules and are just removing the dogs for five days and thereafter will  put them back in their original place. But the names they have for their respective departments ( cattle menace department, cattle and dog nuisance control department, dog menace wing) don't sound very animal friendly. Wish they had more humane names like: cattle management department, cattle and dog population control department and dog welfare wing.

Five years have passed and to avoid the same embarrassment from happening this time again the Ahmedabad Corporation is resorting to a quick fix and illegal.solution of removing the dogs. 

And will they be able to remove all the dogs in such a short span of time? The chances are that inspire of their best efforts few dogs will still be left. Then why take up this initiative and torture the dogs?

And what did the municipality do to control it's stray dog population for the last five years? 

Did they take any measures to encourage pet keeping in their area?

If only the ABC programme was run in a systematic and sensible manner with people's participation in it and the people of Amedabad were encouraged to adopt Indian dogs as pets then probably the corporation today would not be busy with such a futile, time consuming and useless exercise of picking up the dogs for five days and then dropping them back. 

Indians are often ashamed of the fact that the stray dogs roam all across the streets of India but collectively they have done nothing to counter this problem. They have left it very conveniently on the government's shoulders.

And had  the government machinery taken  concrete and postive measures to encourage pet keeping and to implement the ABC programme scientifically and in a systematic manner then this situation could have been easily avoided. 

The report also mentions about a place Sabarmati where  a group of people feed the dogs. And the authorities may ask them to abstain from feeding those dogs for few days. Now that doesn't sound very feasible, humane or sensible solution. Instead the corporation can ask those feeders to put the dogs inside their homes during the time when the cavalcade of the President is moving. 

Anyway the corporation and the other animal welfare agencies who are looking into this matter know what is best for the dogs and the cattles. And we hope that they will handle the dogs and the cattle in the most sensible and humane manner without doing any harm to them. 

President Trump' belongs to a Nation which dotes on dogs and he and his countrymen will definitely not be happy to learn that because of his visit the dogs or the catties in Ahmedabad had to face any kind of cruelty. 

President Trump has recently come out with The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act which makes any intentional act of cruelty towards animals a federal crime. This will not only have penalties but also imprisonment of up to seven years. The animal lovers and pet owners of America have welcomed this much awaited decision.

India too needs to strengthen it's animal welfare laws. They ought to be made stronger with severe penalties and punishments. .  

Hopefully Indian Prime Minister will also follow  into the footsteps of  American President and make Indian animal welfare laws stronger. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump seem to share a and we hope that they share this bond for many more years to come. 






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