Make Dead By Daylight Funko Pops

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Mathieu Cote said:

"When we talked to them, a while ago, the very nice folks at @OriginalFunko didn't feel that DbD had a strong enough following. They were not against revisiting the idea later.
Maybe a wave of enthusiastic fans would help them see how strong we are now. I want DBD Funko pops!!ugh!"

We are here to prove that yes, we are strong enough! And we will spend all of our hard earned money on those little buddies.

We cry every night because little funko Wraith isn't by our side when we go to bed. Because tiny Huntress isn't singing us a lullaby to sleep. Because small Nurse isn't there to bring us a glass of water and kiss our foreheads. Are we asking too much to be surrounded by a variety of dangerous assassins? 

Love, DBD fanbase. :)

art by @thatbrownmonste on twitter!