Make Charging for Water at Nightclubs Illegal in Japan

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Go to any night club in Japan, and you are guaranteed to witness at least one woman, barely conscious, being force fed alcohol. While some may get lucky and wake up the next day with merely a bad hangover, the unfortunate truth is that the majority of these women will end up victims of sexual assault. 

This problem is compounded by the fact that the majority of clubs in Japan charge exorbitant amounts of money for water⁠: around 600 Yen (approx. USD $6) for a small bottle (typically under 300ml)—which is sometimes more than the cost of an alcoholic beverage at the same club. Compounding the problem is that many clubs will not allow you to pay by credit card unless your purchase exceeds a certain amount, which means that you may be denied water entirely if you do not have a credit card, and are out of cash.

Though consuming water does not make an intoxicated person any less drunk, it does provide essential hydration, and, most importantly, an opportunity to refrain from consuming more alcohol in a setting that is already extremely conducive to dehydration.

Many developed countries, such as the UK, have created laws mandating the provision of potable water upon demand at restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. that are licensed to serve alcohol ( Simply put, Japan should do the same.

Rape in Japan is a massive problem, despite official statistics that suggest the contrary ( Though enacting a law to provide free drinking water alone will not eradicate the problem, it can help increase awareness—while adding an extra layer of protection for women in the meantime. 

What do we want?

1. Lawmakers in Japan (and any other country that cares about women) to enact a law that mandates the provision of free potable drinking water at any establishment that serves alcohol.

2. Clubs to act on their own accord and enact free water policies in the interim.

What can you do to help?

  2. Stop supporting any club that does not provide free water
  3. If possible, provide names of any clubs that provide free water so  we can create a list in the meantime
  4. If you see someone at a club who is clearly drunk and appears to be in danger, let one of the staff know
  5. If you run a nightclub that charges for water, stop charging for water