Ban all plastic carrier bags.

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I'm Ruben, aged 9 and I think that disposable plastic carrier bags have a very big impact on the environment.

In 2013 all the major supermarkets in England gave out 7.4 billion plastic bags, that's roughly 109 bags for everybody in the UK and one for everybody in the entire world!

When plastic goes into the ocean it will not be cleaned up and will start dissolving. When fish come across these microplastics, they eat them without knowing. Who eats the fish? We do! If humans don't take action then we will go extinct and we will never get to colonize the moon or mars! We could if we took action now. I find it heartbreaking that 100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste.

Next time, if anyone in your household is off to the shops, remind them that they should take a carrier bag they already have. But if this petition is successful and plastic bags are illegal and not available, then we won't need to rely on people remembering for themselves!

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