French cartoon series 'Code Lyoko' to be continued

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(Official Art present in the petition made by Tania Palumbo and touched up by dA user infinityenergy)

Code Lyoko. A French cartoon series created between 2003 and 2007 featuring 4 seasons and a total of 95 episodes, lots of different kinds of merchandising, 4 books, a live-action fith season and what other cartoons may only dream about: a fanbase, which exists since exactly 14 years and one day since the beginning of the show and more than 10 since it finished, that is still a wonderful active comunity, working in different projects: interactive videogames, fanmade pages, awesome cosplays and lots of beautiful fanarts are only some of the examples of how the comunity is still active today and how Code Lyoko isn't dead deep in the hearts of people of all ages and all nationalities.

With the arrival of a new 'Lyoko anniversary ' September the 3rd, day of the first broadcast of the cartoon, a not-so-small group of people have emerged wishing a 'happy birthday' to the show of their childhood with threads, images, fanarts...and soon... the question. 

What happened to Code Lyoko and why cant we get our desired final point?

Taking as a starting point that Code Lyoko Evolution was not the continuation most of the fans were expecting with a range to opinions from 'good' to 'horrible' this ... reboot? Has just left us with another bunch of incomplete questions regarding the series' lore, plus the ones that were already without answer up to the end of season four (and, to be honest, some "rage" regarding the gang 'shippings')

This petition has the objective to convince the aforementioned individuals and the aforementioned companies they manage and control to produce a new full cartoon (no live-action) continuation (including but not limited to TV series and/or movies), following the events of either season 4 or Code Lyoko Evolution so the fans can get the answers and final they deserve. If being done, it may be in the artstyle of the old show, blended with elements of what's up until now. 

(Quick update: And just, please, if you do this, make sure everyone involved just see the original series to catch th essence of it!)

There are many reasons why this should be done: for newer generations, which should still be the target of the show, could be able to discover the fantastic world of lyoko, and the fans that grew up with the show could still watch this new season/seasons to finally get answers making the number of potential viewers of the show even bigger. Also, if the enterprises wait just a little bit more, all the people that grew up with the series will be 'too old' to enjoy it, and they will be losing a golden oportunity that could make both them and us happy.