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Put the sugar back into Lucozade......we'd rather be well and pay the sugar tax!!!

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For many Lucozade is just a drink....

For the sick it's an emergency saving drink that helps our health immediately

Since the removal of the sugar and glucoses because of recent sugar taxes Lucozade have made the decision to remove 50% of the sugar content to avoid the Sugar Tax without thinking of its loyal customers who would of rather of paid more for the drink than lose the benefits of the sugar.

To people with Diabetes...low sugar... colitis... fibromyalgia...NEAD...I.B.S.... Epilepsy....and other long term chronic illnesses etc this was our first point of call to help our bodies feel better!!

Please help reverse the decision with the Government & Lucozade on the sugar tax as we'd rather pay more and have the drink we've known and loved for years!!

Lucozade has been around since 1927 when William Owen's "Glucozade" recipe was renamed Lucozade in 1929 and acquired by Beecham's in 1938 which was bought by GlaxoSmithKline in 2013.

William Owen's created this drink to create a source of "Energy" for those who were sick with common illnesses.

The new recipe is also terrible to drink now but will sadly lose many loyal followers and we want to remain loyal to this brand as it has to our health over the years!!!!

Healthy people get to choose what drink and sugar they consume when your ill you don't get that luxury


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