Have Lucasfilm strike The Empire Strikes Back from the Star Wars Canon

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I'm no Star Wars expert. I confess that I only recently watched the first film, falling in love immediately with this rich universe of heroes and adventures. But as I watched its sequel, I was shocked and dismayed. "Empire Strikes Back" is a travesty and an insult to everything Star Wars stands for.

First, how come Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father? This twist besmirches not only the heroic legacy of the Skywalker family, but ends up implying that Obi Wan Kenobi himself, one of Jedi's top heroes, is a lying liar! This insults the whole tradition of the Jedi and all the fans of the first movie, only to add a soap opera plot in the story. And, even worst, one that does not even make sense! Vader spent the entire first film actively trying to blow up Skywalker's X-Wing, and now wants the young man to join him? If Kershner is going to destroy the Jedi, at least he could spare narrative coherence.

Unfortunately, this is not the only disappointing element in Empire Strikes Back. Dagobah's entire subplot is useless and serves only to give Luke something to do while he is conveniently taken off the scene until the final act. And what we have is one of the worst sequences ever filmed in the tradition of human storytelling. The entire character development of Luke Skywalker, who goes from inconsequential boy to true hero at the end of Star Wars, is thrown in the trash as the character is replaced by an unrecognizable irresponsible and irrational young man who quits training and is suddenly one step away from the Dark Side . But the worst is by far the character Yoda! Star Wars is an epic and heroic adventure saga. There's no place for funny muppets whose only role is to punctuate the story with bad jokes at the expense of the heroes!

But, alas, bad characterization is the rule of Empire Strikes Back. Irvin Kershner showed no respect for the characters and the saga. The romance between Leia and Han Solo is forced and unnecessary. Not only because Leia's obvious romantic interest (as the story's damsel) must be Luke (the story's hero!), but because it's unreal and unfathomable that the roguish Han Solo suddenly turns into a passionate and loving fool. The only explanation I can conceive of is that Kershner hates Han, what would explain why one of the best characters in Star Wars is simply taken out of history without further struggle or conflict. Although, in fact, there is another possibility: Han disappears to give way to Lando Calrissian, a desperate attempt to please the SJW audience by sacrificing good storytelling and the already-established fanbase, politicizing a series that should be about fun and pure entertainment!

In fact, even the Force is not represented consistently in this movie! I mean, now, out of nowhere, the Force confers telekinesis to users? When THAT happened? WTF?

And the end? It does not even exist. I do not think there's a Star Wars fan who would be happy to see a movie belonging to the saga where the heroe's "victory" comes down to mere survival, rather than an unequivocal triumph of the Rebellion. What a bunch of crap.

So, I ask the true fans to join this petition to:

1 - Force Lucasfilm to remove Empire Strikes Back from the canon of the Star Wars movies, and film an appropriate sequel to the first Star Wars, one that preserves the integrity of the story's legacy and characters;

2 - Ban Irvin Kershner from ever directing any other Star Wars movie;

3- Bring George Lucas immediately back, to direct movies 100% in tune to his vision of this fantastic universe of action and adventure. Particularly, I would very much like a plot that paid more attention to the Trade Federation and its embargoes. But we'll see.

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