Grant Loyola Students Election Day Off

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     At Loyola University Chicago, students and faculty are frequently given the opportunity and freedom to express themselves politically and speak out against injustice on our campus. With the freedoms a social campus brings, should come an opportunity for students and faculty to exercise their right to vote as well. Notable schools all across the United States have granted students access to voting polls and set Election Day as a school-wide holiday. 

     With a school near the heart of Chicago, comes rent and financial expenses students and faculty must pay for. As students and faculty already have to worry about job schedules and making time for themselves, attending online lectures and worrying about completing coursework on time causes stress on students/faculty who are trying to make time to vote. Giving students and faculty the freedom to exercise their right to vote without worrying about academics, shows deep care in the individuals who attend Loyola Chicago. 

     The students who make up the campus of Loyola are growing individuals who will later make up the "campus" of American homes. Giving students the opportunity to go out and vote this 2020 Election Day promotes voter turnout, aligns with other countries who host Election Day on a weekday, and even celebrates a democracy of students looking to better America.