Los Angeles County Supervisors: Reconsider Your Approval of LACMA's Final EIR - Save LACMA

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On April 9, 2019, just 13 business days after the release of the Final EIR for LACMA's $650 Million redevelopment project, the L.A. County Supervisors voted unanimously to approve it.

In doing so, they ignored serious recent criticism published by the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Review of Books, Curbed LA, Architectural Record, The Art Newspaper and The Architect's Newspaper, and hundreds of public comments running 83% against the project.

We the undersigned believe that in their unanimous vote, the Supervisors failed to take into account the many serious concerns raised by critics and members of the public. We respectfully ask them to reconsider their vote, to pause their FEIR approval and engage in the free and open discussion with the community that such an important decision deserves.