Ban rodeos and rodeo-type activities in the city of Los Angeles

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Rodeos and rodeo-type activities, such as bull riding, are exhibitions of animal cruelty that are sanctioned in the guise of competition. Due to events like bull riding, wrestling, calf roping, and steer tailing, calves, steers, bulls, horses, and other animals suffer horrific psychological and physical traumas including broken limbs, cardiac arrest, punctured lungs, torn ligaments, ruptured organs, broken necks, crushed tracheas, and more.
Rodeos and rodeo-type activities also employ the use of tools of torment in order to encourage bucking, aggressiveness, and overall “wild” behavior of animals that are generally docile. Spurs, flank straps, 5,000-volt electric prods, and even anabolic steroids are routinely used to enrage the animals.
The people involved in rodeos and rodeo-type activities suffer serious injuries as well. A study out of the University of Calgary found rodeo contestants are 20 times more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries than football players.
A growing number of jurisdictions already have rodeo prohibitions or restrictions in place. These include Fort Wayne, IN; Pittsburgh, PA; Southhampton, NY; Pasadena, CA; and Chino Hills, CA. Outside of the United States, Auckland, New Zealand, part of Brazil, Quebec, Canada, and the entire United Kingdom have instituted rodeo bans.
The city of Los Angeles has become a national leader in protecting the rights and welfare of animals as can be seen with their recent fur ban. Rodeos and rodeo-type activities are clearly dangerous for animals and humans alike. LCA urges the LA City Council to prohibit the staging of rodeos and rodeo-type activities in the city of Los Angeles.