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Say NO to a new vehicle bridge on Monier Road, Fish Island (in vicinity of Hackney Wick)

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The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) intends to demolish the treasured pedestrian / cycle bridge which connects Monier Road, Fish Island, with the Olympic Park and replace it with a bus/vehicle bridge. A new footbridge will be installed 200 feet away on Stour Road. This is an appalling decision for numerous reasons. We highlight just some a few of those reasons below.

Firstly, a new vehicle bridge will completely transform this idyllic area diverting traffic from nearby busy roads, including the A12, through Fish island / Hackney Wick to Stratford resulting in high levels of noise and pollution. There is already a bridge just 500ft away on White Post Lane!

Secondly, and quite ironically given the close proximity to the Olympic Park, numerous cyclists who value the rare and almost unique opportunity to cycle in London without the requirement to navigate traffic will need to compete with cars, trucks and buses travelling into Stratford. This area is popular in London for providing residents and visitors with the opportunity to cycle safely.

Thirdly, residents of established Omega Works, the new development in construction now and adjacent to the proposed bridge and surrounding residential developments will suffer beyond belief. Currently living in a peaceful, residential area, the quality of living they enjoy will disappear as they will be forced to endure the awful noise of traffic outside, breathing in poisonous fumes from motorbikes, cars and double decker buses. Residents will also suffer a loss of view and a complete loss of privacy, particularly those residents who overlook the footbridge and adjoining green area. We point out that, although we welcome the development of some new residential flats in the area, the area looks like it is quickly becoming overdeveloped and will suffer a loss of its identity and character as a result. The addition of a new road and bridge (coupled with a new football stadium in the park) will lead to an unacceptably high level of overdevelopment. The new bridge is overbearing and out of scale.

Fourthly, the community that has established itself in Vittoria Wharf and that has been resident here for longer than the LLDC has been responsible for the Olympic Park has been served an eviction notice. The Wharf will be demolished to make way for the new planned pedestrian bridge on Stour Road. This proposal, we say, is plainly unacceptable, ill-thought and will wreak havoc on normal people's lives. The experience of the residents to date has been traumatic and little consultation with the residents has taken place.

Fifthly, we consider this proposal to be a misuse of public funds because a vehicle bridge is unwarranted and unnecessary. The links between Fish Island and the Park are sufficient. The new proposed developments will be almost car free and so we see no need for the addition of a new road and bridge. We also believe that public funding could be spent in more effective ways by investment in maintaining the character, culture and identity of peaceful, artistic, industrial Fish Island. Furthermore, we are worried that the LLDC councillors too easily agree to planning projects funded by developers and we say that the dynamics of the relationship between LLDC and the contractors, Balfour Beatty, should be reviewed by the Mayoral Office.

Sixthly, we consider that building the proposed vehicle bridge flies in the face of the Mayor's commitment to protect London's environment and clean air (Mayor promises Londoners he will protect their air). The green space on the site of the proposed bridge will be ripped up and replaced by concrete and iron. The proposed bridge will inevitably prove detrimental to local wildlife who have made the site, in a conservation area, their home. If the bridge is built the birds, bats and animals that live side by side with residents will be forced to find new, greener, safer homes.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, residents of Hackney Wick have seen so many changes to their area over recent years (some for the better) but building a new bridge to accommodate buses and vehicles is simply a step too far and will transform the area from a tranquil, creative hub, which people love to live in and visit, into a monstrous traffic jam. We, the taxpayer, the residents of Fish Island and Hackney Wick, residents of Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Newham and citizens of London say hell NO to A new bridge. It simply cannot progress. There must be another way: a sensible solution. Don't build a vehicle bridge underneath a block of residential flats! Keep Fish Island green and protect London's air!

Details of the bridge design can be found here:

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