End the causes of Climate Change

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Around 40,000 people die in the UK as a direct result of air pollution. This presents us with the biggest immediate threat to our lives and quality of lives now.

The biggest source of air pollution in Barnet comes from traffic and is particularly damaging alongside main roads (e.g. A406; A1). Some Council workers have to work along or near these roads every day or most days they work e.g. Traffic wardens; street cleansing workers and waste and refuse workers. In addition there are many schools located close to main roads and the workers and children using the school will also be exposed to dangerous levels of pollutants.

The fuel used in traffic is also the lead cause of global warming with the Earth’s temperature already having risen 1 degree above pre-industrial levels and as a result we are seeing polar ice caps melting and more and more extreme weather events. Indeed the IPCC report last Autumn warned that we only have 12 years to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees before the planet reaches a tipping point of uncontrollable global warming which will lead to the mass extinction of much of life on this planet. This is why school students and people in Extinction Rebellion have been protesting over the last few months.

We the undersigned believe Barnet Council:

1.    Must declare a climate emergency

2.    Undertake a review of policies on the issue and act on its recommendations

3.    Appoint an officer responsible for implementation of these recommendations

4.    Consider a date to achieve carbon zero emissions by 2025.

5.    Work with the local trade unions to ensure safe working for its employees and take necessary action to safeguard their health

6.    Lobby TFL and the GLA for all public transport to be free for all users now.