A line in the sand- no more development at Haveringland Hall Country Park!

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Haveringland Parish strongly objects to ANY further expansion of holiday or residential units at Haveringland Hall Country Park. Please sign our petition and encourage all those in your household to do the same!

The plans to add 280 holiday units (increasing the total by more than 200%) will have major negative impacts on local road safety, environmental pollution and ecology, and will encircle mainly elderly residents of the site,who have suffered from inadequate water and sewerage services for a long time.

The economic case for the development at this particular site is weak and the negative impacts significantly outweigh any benefits because they are so considerable in scale and cannot be adequately reduced or mitigated.

Because of the serious and widespread impact of this proposal we would be grateful for your support in ensuring that it doesn't happen. Please sign our petition which will be presented to Broadland Council. And it would be even better if you sent in an objection to the Council; here's a link-  https://secure.broadland.gov.uk/Northgate/PlanningExplorer/PLComments.aspx?pk=747641   

You can find out more about the proposals and the Parish position at our website www.haveringland.wordpress.com