Stop Day Job Discrimination Against Actors, Musicians, Filmmakers and Entertainers

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Let’s create legislation stopping day job discrimination against those in the performing arts such as but not limited to actors and actresses, musicians, directors, screenwriters, behind the scenes personnel, and other entertainers! The local legislation ideally should extend to day job discrimination against current and former members of the sex industry. Generally, discrimination happens to women in these fields but it also happens to men.

People in the performing arts who don’t have Oscars yet and need day job income are being discriminated against big time: full time jobs reduced to part time, hours cut, hired once for freelancing and let go, harassed and mocked about being actors/etc., or not being hired at all once someone learns you are an actor/director/etc. Laws should exist to end this once and for all.

People incorrectly refer me to #TimesUp when I complain about this issue, and the discrimination I am discussing is NOT gender based but career based. We are being penalized because we happen to want and need day job income in the meantime that we are not A-list names. This is unjust.

Have I been discriminated against? Absolutely. I have personally been phone interviewed being asked about my film music goals in the same negative vocal tone as if I had made porn when I have not. And were I an adult actress, it shouldn’t stop me from work either. I have been declined for additional freelance journalism work at places that regularly hire unqualified employees, including one publication that has a frequent freelance writer with NO print experience prior to the magazine. I have been laughed at on the phone enquiring to work at publications. All this, with over a decade of experience in freelance journalism and a minor in journalism at my university.

If you are in the performing arts, people hiring you are first excited taking on a new team member. When word gets out that you aspire to be an A-list actor/director/musician/etc., people go from warm and welcoming to cold: ghosting, acting rude, and mocking. And oh yeah, YOU’RE FIRED. Go wait tables once a week: the only job an actor with higher education is qualified for, right? To get any job whether at a store selling jeans or a corporate job, you have to work three times as hard to get what comes easily to others who are often less experienced or 100% unqualified for the same positions.

Let’s change this!

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