Illegalize Open Truck Bed Transport for Dogs

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Once upon a time, Lincoln, like much of Nebraska, was a small rural town where you could pop your hunting dog in the back of your pickup and head into town to run errands or to let him swim in the creek before heading back home for supper. But, sometime between then and now, Lincoln has grown into a mature, large city. There's more traffic, the speed limits are faster and it is now needlessly dangerous to engage in the same behavior that held whimsical nostalgia in the past. It is time to break with tradition and put safety first for dogs. These innocent creatures should not have to suffer at the hands of owners who are unwilling to change with the times.

Furthermore, all of the necessary protocols, documents and needed procedural processes have already been completed. The only bottleneck presently is that the appointed person in Animal Control needs to know that this matter is deemed both important and necessary to bettering our community and furthering animal welfare rights to the highest standards. Protecting animals in this way does not diminish us in any way- it only allows our appropriate agencies to enforce what should be common sense by disallowing people to transport dogs in their truck beds. Please help further animal safety by affixing your name to this petition.