Free the 60+ Starving Horses from South Circular Road Limerick!

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Starving Horses No Shelter No Food & Freezing Conditions!!

Limerick Animal Welfare and members of the public have been expressing concern for the horses in the old Racecourse South Circular road in Limerick. LAW had managed to bring hay into these starving horses two weeks ago, however as this is private property they can no longer gain access as the gates have been padlocked.

Limerick Council, the Dept of Agriculture & the Gardai are aware of the condition of these poor horses. They are deteriorating daily and only the strongest are expected to survive.

Gardaí say they can't cut padlocks to gain access to private property, however if requested by the Dept of Agriculture they will assist. 

Cruelty and neglect to animals in Limerick has been an ongoing problem but is now in a desperate situation. We need to be the voice for these poor animals.