Adrian's 911 Good Samaritan Law - Life over Death!

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I am requesting each person that lives in Florida and please call your Florida house representative and ask to pass this bill HB-147 or SB-800. Tell him about Adrian's 911 Good Samaritan Law. The more people calling it will be better for us.



On September 23, 2018 I received a devastating call from my daughter Christine. Our grandson Adrian Edwin Diaz 18 of age was dead. He drowned in a retention pond behind a hotel on University Blvd. in Orlando, FL. That day our lives were forever changed!

This is the story:

Adrian went to a friend's house and a group of young guys under the age of 21 were all drinking recklessly. They decided to go to a club that night. Everyone got into different cars and Adrian went with a so called friend. This so called friend parks his vehicle behind the hotel which is walking distance from the club. As he is parking Adrian goes into a coma like sleep and this guy so called friend starts talking to him. Adrian can't really speak or move. This guy tells Adrian he is going for help. We looked at the video of the hotel and we do not see him trying to seek help. He claims he couldn't call for help, because his cell phone was dead. This person did not seek help for Adrian at all. This person did not even go into the hotel to seek assistance for Adrian and finally just abandoned him. Adrian was left alone in the dark and next to a retention pond. Then we talked to another guy that saw Adrian before he died. He said he was walking around the hotel and hears someone coughing. He sees Adrian lying on his back, arms extended up and head facing towards the pond. He tells Adrian to get up and told him it wasn't safe because the pond has alligators and snakes. Adrian mumbles and said I am too DRUNK. The man goes and returns and Adrian was gone. It only took a few seconds for Adrian to drown. The last person that saw Adrian alive told the police on Sunday 9/23/18 (the day they found Adrian's body) about his encounter with him. Then this witness was arrested, because of a child support case. The problem is very clear.

Adrian died that night because nobody called for help and he was left vulnerable and alone. He drowned in a retention pond without a protection fence. This has been a terrible tragedy for my family. My grandson was full of life and dreams! He was going to join the Army in December. His blood alcohol was .259. At this level he was in a very deep sleep and impaired. If only someone would've called 911. Adrian would still be alive.

I want to make sure we save lives for people that need help when they are in danger.We need to enact a law making it mandatory to seek help in these situations. Adrian's 911 Good Samaritan Law will protect everyone in need of help. No prosecution and they MUST call 911. Nobody leaves until help arrives. We are human and we should always help a person if we see they are vulnerable and in danger.The next person to die could be YOUR family member. Florida is a hospitality state and caring is a MUST! We need consequences for those people without hearts.Lets get together and make this a mandatory law. FLORIDA say YES!!!!!