Stop Uber X & Lyft to Pick Up Guests at Toronto Pearson Airport.

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Uber & Lyft an App only with the ride sharing idea are trying to mess up with a well developed Regulated Transportation Industry. Imagine having not even a Single Vehicle Companies are playing with atleast 50,000 Families in Ontario. Recently GTAA ( Greater Toronto Airport Authority ) Toronto Pearson Int' Airport allow Uber X and Lyft to pickup people who wanna travel with cheap rates. 

I have few concerns as a Canadian Citizen. Our Safety and Security as a Passengers should not be Compromised although I want myself to travel with the cheap travel ticket and transportation arrangements. GTAA should consider Safety Standards before allowing those private insurance holder private cars no valid way to inspect the vehicle safety standards & not professional Drivers too. 

Ok Just Imagine if a Person Landed at Toronto Pearson Airport Going to Belleville or London Ontario 3 Hrs drive. He used the app driver ( who knows that app driver just got into his or her car after 10 hours shift not meeting all profrssional standards.  Who knows he was drinking, etc ) and GOD forbid something happen on the road who is responsible for that ? Who is monitoring that Driver and Vehicle ?

As You all know in Ontario there is a Set Standard to get Commercial Vehicle Insurance like Taxi & Limo. To get Commercial Vehicle Insurance driver need atleast 4-5 Years good driving record and canadian driving experience.

Why we are as a Public allowing Corporate Management and So called pro-Technology People to play with Public Safety.There is already a well developed Regulated Transportation Industry system is available so Why these few Corporate Industry people trying these experiments So Called 18 Months Pilot Projects.  Is there any Government Agency who is watching what's going on.......