I would like an upright bass + jazz music lessons

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December 6 is my 20th birthday and the only thing I've really really wanted since middle school is an upright bass and music (jazz) lessons. I've never gone for it since it's expensive by since 6 December 2020 is ALSO jazz legend Dave Brubeck's 100th birthday I thought it would be an appropriate time to learn it. My birthday twin should think so too. Also I need it to shoot my final project for my lighting class so rather than renting it for Rp.1,500,000/day it would be better to just get one.

2/3 of the music I listen to is jazz and in terms of the arts three of the people I look up the most are jazz musicians: Gene Krupa (drums), Charles Mingus (upright bass), and Dave Brubeck (piano). The other two are filmmakers and an artist (Taika Waititi and Elia Suleiman, as well as Junji Ito). I would like to be at least a fraction as skilled as these people, and in terms of film and drawing style you can recognise some similarities. However I recognise that in music I have very underdeveloped skills and have 0 similarities to the three except for Dave Brubeck and I sharing the same birthdate.

I've been learning to play guitar, ukulele, as well as bass (but not upright) myself but I recognise the need for actual lessons. Therefore I think lessons for the instrument I really wanted since I was young would be a win win. This would complete the ideal image of me that I have for myself.