Reverse the Lethbridge School Division's prohibition of extracurricular activities.

Reverse the Lethbridge School Division's prohibition of extracurricular activities.

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Lethbridge School District and Executive Team (Lethbridge School District and Executive Team)

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Started by Presley Heggie

As an active student who attends school in Lethbridge, I'm asking for help to petition the Lethbridge School District and executive teams to allow the kids to safely participate in extracurricular activities. I'm very concerned about the negative effect that COVID-19 has already taken on the mental health and wellbeing of my classmates, friends, teachers and myself. Despite being petitioned on more than a few occasions to discuss the matter, the Division hasn't been willing to engage in a meaningful discussion around reopening these opportunities to students, even though the Alberta Government has provided guidance on how to safely participate in most of these activities as outlined in the document Guidance for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation - Stage 2. The resumption of activities and athletics has already began (and others will be starting soon) in the following jurisdictions:

  • Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association 
  • Calgary Board of Education
  • Calgary Catholic School District
  • Westwinds School Division
  • Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Eduction
  • Medicine Hat Public School Division
  • Edmonton Metro High School Athletics (includes 15 school divisions)
  • Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools
  • Livingstone Range School Division
  • Llyodminster Public School Division

I was among the student-protestors who made our voices heard to the public, and who created a healthy discussion within the staff, students and the larger community of Southern Alberta (and made provincial news when comparing other jurisdictions who have reinstated extracurricular). Please add your name to the growing list of community members, staff, and students who believe these healthy opportunities for students are worth encouraging the Division and it's executive team to reconsider its stance. We are asking them to: 

  1.  Reverse the Lethbridge School Division and Executive Team's prohibition of extracurricular activities.
  2. Grant the school Principals, in conjunction with their staff, coaches, parents and students, the option to choose whether to safely participate in extracurricular activities according to the guidelines set forth by the Alberta Government as outlined in the document Guidance for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation - Stage2.

Thank you for your on going support! Please invite your friends to participate. 

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1,092 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!