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This is first of many action on this change, in this change we want to ask our legislate to help us to help our fellow addicts to faster recovery. So if you can help me by sending a letter to our legislators on helping us to help our fellow addicts to become recovering addicts like myself and let's see what we can do in a year and how many lives we can save...

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
   As it is written as the title, "Can we do better?" many people have experience the life styles or have had family that has been affected by the disease of addiction and feeling the disease head on many people can say that we can do better. Now as one that who is very concerned about the growing problem we are facing now and our future generation.

Here is a few thoughts on how we can help an addict to a faster recovery.  One key to point is the support system everyone's life young, old, men, woman, an addict, or not an addict. Everyone wants to belong and have support in their life. There are books since the 1500's (D GARBER, 2003) on how people want to feel like they belong, and all human's has the same need to feel that they belong good or bad. With that in mind the suffering addict needs support, without support they are lost souls trying to find some kind meaning of their life, and if they do not find the support they need a lot of addicts end up in either jails, institutions, or even worst deaths.   Now will go over the pros and cons of our community actions that have been taken now and in the past on what they have done for an addict.


1.  The counseling classes, "intensive outpatient group" They make you think about what we really are and what we have done in the past and make them think about who and what they have done while they were using and make them write it down so at the same time they can be released from the pain inside also.

2.  Then the after care for an addict after the intensive outpatient groups.  

3.   The N.A. meetings for addicts that do not have the support they need at home or in everyday life they lead.  

4.   The doctors that help with finding out what is really wrong with inside our heads, and give us the right balance in our brain so we can cope and be able to live with society's rules and be society accepted.


1.   A lot of the people in many community want to lock up the addicts instead of trying to get to know them as a person.  

2.   A lot of people think it is the addicts and they are just bad seeds (if they only knew that we might have something wrong with our brain instead of jumping into the motto once an addict always an addict).  

3.   A lot of the people that puts addicts in jail has the thought that they are all bad and will not give them the respect they desire. "Treat others as you want to be treated."  

4.   Last one is we all in life want to fit in and with that in mind, the way the world has become it has become a me first, you never society so no one wants to try and help like back in the fifty like the Andy Griffin Show. It is sad but true if we all just care a little about our people, children, neighbors, and even our addicts this world just might turn out like the Andy Griffin Show again.

Now reading this letter maybe we can use it and try to help an suffering addict to get to a faster recovery and stay clean and be proud of who they are now instead of being dead tomorrow.