Let’s Get Micky Dolenz a STAR on The Hollywood Walk of Fame⭐️

Let’s Get Micky Dolenz a STAR on The Hollywood Walk of Fame⭐️

2,683 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!

Why this petition matters

Started by Jodi Ritzen

My name is Jodi Ritzen.

I grew up loving The Monkees.

Micky Dolenz was always my idol.

I have been lucky enough to have been able to obtain my dream and I now am partners on events with this living legend.

With a career spanning 70 years, Micky has performed on TV starting with Circus boy and The Monkees plus as a guest on shows for 7 decades. 
One of the best voices of all time, Micky has done it all while still being one of the most kind and giving celebrities in the industry.

Micky has been a Director, Producer, Writer, Stage Actor and all around wonderful human being.

Micky has lent his talents to help raise money for charities while dedicating a portion of all merchandise profits to Make a Wish.

A loving Husband, Father, Grandfather and friend, this honor would give all of us a place to acknowledge this incredible man forever.

Micky deserves this.

We can do this to give back to him.

Nobody deserves this more. 

Though I am doing this a bit early, we still need to hope the voters give us a green light.  

With a green light, we will still need to raise money to achieve this, but that’s down the road.

We will not try and raise any money until the powers at be for The Hollywood Walk tell us he is getting the nomination.

One day I hope we can be standing on Micky with the other stars as we walk down Hollywood Blvd. ❤️

Please sign, please share.  

Thank you

Jodi RItzen


2,683 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!