Peter Soulsby Resign! You have made our Home a National Embarrassment !!

Peter Soulsby Resign! You have made our Home a National Embarrassment !!

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 For too long the people of Leicester have had to suffer the alleged questionable personal and official dealings of The Labour Mayor . 

he has proved that he feels he is above the law and the people of Leicester and does not need to adhere to Covid Laws !
The neighbours are witnesses to the facts that Soulsby broke the law!

Witnesses are perfect evidence in any court - these neighbours have the ocular proof that the Mayor stayed at his girlfriends house overnight during the lockdown. 

If the mayor is saying these people are lying then he needs to do that in court.

we must not accept one rule for one and one for another just because he is a wealthy politician. 

On the basis of the allegations in the sun news paper published on the 14th of June We the people of Leicester Demand The Mayor Resign Immediately ! 

the government has lost faith in Leicester and an investigation has been requested by the government communities secretary!!!!!

Sweatshops- slaves - low pay, and elevated rates of corona virus!!!

The mayor is claiming conspiracy theories and that the Data is false , so he himself is leading the stance on not following laws and social distancing procedures, do we want a Corbynista conspiracy theorist as our Mayor - no we do not !!

The Mayor was asked by the government  where to lock down in Leicester and he refused to get involved -we can only assume that he knew he would have to lock down the area that his millionaire mate factory owners live and would lose votes! 

What more evidence do you need the man has got to go so please sign my petition.!