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Legalize all CBD with no strings attached!

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My son has epilepsy. He was diagnosed out of the blue when he was 7. Absence seizures (photosensitive epilepsy to be more specific). We were told medicine would cure them or he would grow out of them. Instead, when he turned 12, he developed grand mal seizures, and instead of lights/sunlight being the only triggers, now everything is basically a trigger. Overcast days, stress, etc. He's now 14. He missed 30 out of 72 days of school. Since he couldn't make it a full day, he now attends half-day alternative school. Medicine does not help. He's not a candidate for brain surgery since he has multiple symptoms of different types of seizures so it's all over his brain. Nothing is working. His neurologist will not put him on the registry. That would make this so much easier. But since that's not a possibility right now, I'm doing everything I can to raise money for a high strain cbd oil. Now the AR (or whoever is making these decisions) is keeping me from doing so. My son probably needs thc. I don't want him high, but that's probably the thing that's going to work, in all honesty. But instead, I've been looking for oil with NO thc, and I can't even get that now because ALL cbd is illegal??? I just don't understand. My poor son has had to deal with things he shouldn't have to deal with. His seizures have worsened when they shouldn't have. The medications he's on do nothing. At all. He wears sunglasses all the time, unless he's having a great day (like in the picture above). Sometimes he has to wear them inside too if the lightings are too bright and/or the floors are white. He can't go outside. He can't play with his friends. He can't go on field trips for school. He can't go swimming. He can't stay the night with friends unless them and/or their parents know what meds he takes, what to do in case something happens, etc. He basically can't do anything without me monitoring him. His schooling is affected, which stresses him out, which causes seizures. His entire life is hindered because of one person who made the deciding vote for everyone else. It is not a gateway drug. The last thing I wanna do is give my kid drugs. It's something that's going to give him a normal life! It will not make the opioid problem worse. It will make it better! Nothing but good things could come from this. Not just for my son, but for practically every person in this state. Don't make us move just to get the correct healthcare for our kids/loved ones 

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