Legalization of "Paid Sick Leave" in Japan #SickLeaveJP

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Petition in Japanese

"DO WE HAVE TO WORK even when we are sick?" 

This is one of the strangiest culture in Japanese society is you need to go to office EVERYDAY even when you get cold. You have no paid sick leave legally. and not all company provide sick leave for emproyee.

I think this culture is ultimately unhealthy.

In spite of the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus, despite the fact that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare recommends to avoid unnecessary urgent outings, most of Japanese workers are still working in the office.

It means Japanese society don't allow to take a break when we need to take a break. 

Some of companies even recommend saving paid leave to their employees. Because if you get sick, you need to use paid leave for treatment. "Saving paid leave for chances of getting sick" sounds really unreasonable.

So, it is time to change. virus lighted the dark part of Japan. now we see what is wrong in Japanese society. if you agree with that, give me your voice.