Remove Tom Eckerle, Leelanau County Road Commissioner

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Please note: this petition and its results will be shared with any and all parties involved with removing Eckerle from his position. A formal County recall petition, which is the worst-case scenario given its long timeline, will be released soon to Leelanau County voters. Please sign and share this petition to voice your concerns with all parties, including Leelanau County and the Governor of Michigan —who has the authority to remove Eckerle under Michigan's constitution.

During a County meeting, when Leelanau County Road Commissioner, Tom Eckerle, was asked why he wasn't wearing a mask, he is reported to have replied: 

"Well, this whole thing is because of them n-----s down in Detroit." 

Eckerle went on to elaborate on conspiracy theories and lies about African Americans as a defense for not wearing a mask. Masks are used as a basic form of personal protection against the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

This clearly documented racism does not belong in the United States and does not belong in publicly held positions. We demand the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners acts swiftly to remove this individual from his position and bar him from participating in any other role within Leelanau County.