Improve Legal Representation for Innocent Men : Justice for Harold and Anthony!

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So my friends Harold and Anthony Taylor were involved in an altercation that led to them getting arrested for ATTEMPTED MURDER! Harold and Anthony were on their way to get money out of the bank when a man named Furman Knight started yelling racist things at them and threw something at their car while threatening them. Harold got out of the car to check his van because it was a company vehicle and when he got out the other man started firing shots at them. Harold scared for his his, his friend’s, and his brother’s life grabbed his gun that was safely hidden in the car, he recently purchased legally at a gun show and shot the guy in the butt. Police found Furman Knights gun and the bullets he used to shoot at them with. Anthony was grazed with one of the bullets and police have also confirmed Furman bought the gun from a “known crackhead”. The police arrested Harold, Anthony, and their other friend Josiah who was also in the car but was in the backseat. They all were arrested with attempted murder charges when two of them were just there scared for their life. The other man who shot at them lied to police, went to the hospital, and checked out to run. The other man is also on the run for murder from a charge in 2014 that he got out on parole for. The original news articles that came out when the situation first happened lied about what really happened and said my friends ran this other guy down, a MURDERER!! The news has not put any new articles out clearing their names. My friends have been in jail for over three month now, Anthony is having such a hard time and is in jail for doing nothing. He was just there and Harold broke his foot trying to dodge bullets. They can’t afford lawyers as so they were assigned public attorneys and their public attorneys are trying to get BOTH of them to accept 10 year plea deals, 10 years for acting in self defense for their lives and for just being there! They deserve good lawyers that are actually willing to fight for them! This needs more attention because if they can raise enough money for lawyers they’ll have a chance!