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When a Child is Born EXPOSED to DRUGS, the mother should be charged with CHILD ABUSE.

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As it stands today, a woman who uses illegal drugs, (such as crack cocaine, heroine, meth etc)  as well as other chemicals such as alcohol while pregnant, and her baby is born exposed to drugs, she does NOT face any child abuse charges. She walks out of the hospital with no legal recourse for her actions. The baby is immediately removed from the mother at the hospital and placed in foster care and she is allowed to visit her baby once a week - regardless if she is under the influence. The law does not consider it child abuse if the mother does drugs while pregnant because the baby is not considered human, until he or she is born.  

This law needs to be changed, because exposing an unborn baby to these harmful addictive chemicals is the same as giving that baby the drug. The mother is HARMING that baby, just as if someone were to physically abuse a pregnant woman would be considered child abuse.  

There are women having drug exposed babies one after another, with each baby being removed and put into foster care. Who will protect these babies? While in the womb, these babies are being forced to use meth, herione,  crack, and/or alcohol and there is no one to protect the unborn babies. This is the worst or the worst a mother could do to their unborn child and studies have shown the short and long term effects on the child. It is isn't fair for these babies. 

One woman had a baby on October 18, 2015 - exposed to meth. The baby was immediately removed and put into foster care at 2 days old.  Then on Oct 16, 2016, less than a year later, the same mother had yet another child also exposed to meth and had no prenatal care. This baby was born but wasn't breathing. The doctors performed extensive CPR on the lifeless newborn getting his heart to start beating and getting him to breath. The doctors were able to revive the newborn baby but he is faced with issues involving his central nervous system as a result of the mothers drug use. This baby is now dealing with tremors, rapid breathing, low weight, small head size. He too was immediately placed in foster care. This is the second time the mother walked out of the hospital without her baby, but also without any consequences or legal actions taken against her for using illegal drugs while pregnant. She then, has legal rights to go see the baby when ever she choose,  regardless if she were high She almost killed the second baby. and both babies are suffering and will continue to suffer if I (we) don't jump in and say NO...MORE!

These drug addicted women  continue to do drugs while they are pregnant and don't care, nothing happens to them for their actions so they don't care if it effects there baby or not.  They dont have to answer to the law or face any legal action that could imprison them.  therefore at this time they are not faced with  direct consequence.


I want woman who are pregnant, doing drugs, not receiving prenatal care and having babies that are drug exposed to be charged and felony child abuse. That is what they deserve because that is what they are doing.

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