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Ayse Hasan started this petition to Lambeth Councillors

We call for the immediate resignation of the following Lambeth councillors.

  1. Lib Peck, Council leader
  2. Matthew Bennett, cabinet member for Housing
  3. Jack Hopkins, cabinet member for Jobs and Growth

Council policy has let down the residents of Lambeth. Labour promised 40% “affordable” housing in new developments but failed to deliver. They have broken promises to the residents of Guinness and Cressingham Gardens.

They have failed to represent in any meaningful way the businesses threatened with eviction from the Arches.  Moreover, the actions of the Council go against its mission statement of being a ‘Cooperative Council’.

Please support this petition because these councillors have to be accountable to the people of Lambeth. We want their resignations because they are taking action and making decisions without respecting the voices of the community. They are not transparent or honest in their motivations and actions.

We, the people are demanding no more social cleansing of our community and the protection of our local traders.

Please sign our petition in demanding the resignation of these so-called representatives. 

Even if you do not live in Lambeth you may well have experienced the same disconnection from the politicians who are supposed to represent you but seem more focussed on the needs of outside financial interests.  If what you see on the pages of Reclaim Brixton looks like your story too please consider supporting our petition.

Ways to communicate:

#reclaimbrixton / @BrixtonArches

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Petition Closed

This petition had 568 supporters

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