Replace reading week days lost to the cyber attack

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Reading week is given to students as a time to catch up on assignments and prepare for midterms. The cyberattack on Lakehead University has cut off student access to essential resources. Without access to mycourselink, Lakehead Google services such as Gmail and Google Docs, the Lakehead library, and documentary platforms requiring Lakehead emails, it has become near impossible for students to accomplish everything they needed to over reading week.

Without in-person classes, access to the university's online resources has become vital to our ability to learn. With upcoming midterms and many assignments due the week after reading week, losing a large portion of this time is detrimental to student success. The cyberattack occurring over reading week does not lessen the impact on students.

This time is planned out. Each day is carefully thought out to catch up on work. The students call on Lakehead University to extend reading week by replacing each day lost to the cyberattack, regardless of those days being added to the end of the Winter semester. The cyberattack was unforeseen and out of everyone's control. This should be considered when thinking about students and their ability to complete their work during this time. We needed all of reading week to catch up, study, focus and achieve our best academic potential throughout the semester.