Stop the attack on landowners in East Gwillimbury

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We demand the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority [LSRCA] immediately retract its unfair and damaging appeal against the landowners and the town of East Gwillimbury! Please help us

There has been an attack on private landownership and private property in Canada! Our small municipal governments have been asked to regulate private land by conforming to new "comprehensive bylaws" set out by the province of Ontario. These new regulation infringe on private landowners by taking away land rights, use of private property, and devaluing land. This attack has affected people in home sales, future planning, mental stress, property maintenance, retirement plans, lawyer fees, and the human right to be self-sustainable.

The Town of East Gwillimbury proposed an "Official Plan" that would have basically stolen thousands of acres of private land from their owners by enforcing "environmental protection" zones on rural and agricultural land, expropriating away land uses and devaluing it without any legitimate testing or proof that these lands needed protection from their owners in the first place. There was no real effort made by the town or any other direct notice given to inform or educate landowners regarding the depth of these changes (almost like they didn't want them to know).

Through pure luck and determination a small handful of landowners (out of thousands) found out about the new bylaw and spoke out against it in council (town hall) saving thousands of acres of private property from being wrongfully regulated by the government. The new bylaw was voted down by East Gwillimbury Town Council on May 15th  2018 and the landowners were promised that they would be able to keep all the same rights they had paid for when the purchased these lands.


A few days after the bylaw was amended by council the LSRCA appealed the town decision to not conform and demanded these lands be regulated (lots of permit money involved). We the landowners of East Gwillimbury are now fighting once again, not only to save what is ours, but to save the rights and freedoms that we have enjoyed in this country for so long, to save the right to be self-sustainable, to grow food, to have home business, to have animals, and to be left alone from the never ending reach of the government into our pockets!

Now all we need is the LSRCA to retract this appeal and our land will be safe! Our town and the conservation have wasted hundreds of thousands if not millions of tax dollars fighting us already.

We mean to set the stage for the rest of Canada in saying "No You May Not Take Our Lands!"

We demand that the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority immediately retract its appeal against the town of East Gwillimbury, the private landowners, farmers, and business owners, and get back to actually clearing and maintaining waterways and public lands again. Flooding has been very bad this year because they have been insufficient in their actual job. We can handle our own backyards!

Please help us in this fight! We are all neighbors

Thank you

East Gwillimbury Landowners