Ban L’Oréal from Testing on Animals

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Animal testing is a barbaric deed that is carried out by companies worldwide. The damage that it can do to the animals are, in most cases, permanent. Each year, over 100 million animal deaths in the US is down to animal testing. In many of the tests, the animals are purposefully hurt at the beginning as a 'control variable'. We must put this to an end. But what can we do to help?

YOU can make a difference. You can’t ignore what is happening to these innocent animals. It’s time for you to take action. You may think you are just one person but one person can make a difference. Stop supporting these cruel companies. These changes might be “inconvenient” for you but think of the animals. Think of the victims.

Of course, L’Oréal aren’t the only company that test on animals, but they are exceedingly cruel to their animals. They also have a very misleading FAQ page where they claim to be cruelty free all around the world.

Companies like L'Oréal are notorious for this movement. Many animals involved in their experiments are usually tested by putting products into their eyes, to see the consequences of contact a eyes and how to deal with it. But Lush, a very anti-animal-testing company, has proved that you don't have to test on animals to have a good and successful company. L'Oréal's sales make 26.5 billion every year, whereas Lush makes 75,000 a year. Should we really be rewarding this type of behaviour with our money and encouragement?