We all love this great swimming anime Free!. That's why we'd love to see more. We don't want it to end! Please sign this petition to show the producers how much we want Free! to continue. Remember, after fans fell in love with the commercial, Free! got a boost by a Change.org petition.

We can do this, again!
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Ways to contact the producers/staff:
Tell them how much you want a second season!

official Free! (TV) Twitter
- contact KyoAni Youtube Channel

Producing studios:

Kyoto Animation
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Pony Canyon
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ABC Asahi | contact: English / Japanese

Lantis Twitter / email: users-support@ lantis.co.jp

The staff & credits list:
AnimeNewsnetwork.com - Free | official page

Maybe Crunchyroll (started the former petition) could support us again (contact)? Newsfeed

Letter to
Animation Do Kyoto Animation | Hiroko Utsumi, Masahiro Yokotani, Reiko Yoshida
Please continue to produce Free! Iwatobi Swim Club!
We all love this great swimming anime. That's why we'd love to see more. We don't want it to end!
Free! has an amazing and huge fandom all over the world!
Please look at this petition! So many fans love Free! and want it to continue!

Huge petition: http://chn.ge/1dAw2Zi

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