The flag of Kurdistan Emoji

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More than 50 million Kurds live across the globe mainly in their divided land between Southeast Turkey, Northeast Syria, North Iraq & Northeast Iran. Kurds identify themselves as Kurds and embracing our Identity via our language, culture, art & flag is very important to us Kurds because we have been oppressed, genocided, assimilated, murdered and discriminated for hundred of Years still we never lost hope. Our Kurdish Flag is a Symbol of our existence and represents our Values, Suffer & History which impacted every single Kurd Family in the world.

Red: Symbolises the blood of the martyrs & the continued struggle for freedom & dignity.

Green: Expresses the beauty & landscapes of Kurdistan. Life & vitality.

Yellow: source of life & light of the Kurd People. The sun is an ancient symbol & twenty one sunbeams

White: Peace & equality.

We live in a modern world were technology is connecting people across the globe and empowering humans to live their dreams. We believe adding the Flag of the Kurd People is a symbol of acceptance, respect & recognition towards the Kurd People who suffered for decades and never had a voice in any global community. Give us a Voice, add our Kurdistan Flag as a Symbol. Kurd People are puzzling their own flag emoji together with coloured heart emojis ❤️ & the sun emoji ☀️  This has to change!

Kurds have the right to express their emotions like all other people & a Kurdistan Flag emoji would mean a lot to us and enable us to express ourselves. Many communities have their own symbol in the Keyboard not just countries. 

We demand a Kurdistan Flag Emoji. Help us, sign & share right now.