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Many Ways to Support BlueLight Cinemas: Petition, Chain, Eat, Movie and Chat

Cupertino Residents for Local Small Business Owners

Oct 8, 2017 — Here is a short URL for sharing this petition with friends:

Many people are making signs to bring to the Chain Event tomorrow, Sunday 10/8, from 12pm to 1pm to support local small businesses and in particular BlueLight Cinemas.
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We hope to see many of you at the Chain Event!

There are several ways to support BlueLight Cinemas and our local small businesses:
1. Sign the petition and forward to friends and families.
2. Attend the Chain Event from 12pm to 1pm tomorrow, Sunday October 8th.
3. Stop by BlueLight Cinemas to grab a snack and the concession bar and help support us stay in business.
4. Watch a movie with friends at BlueLight Cinemas next week.
What's playing?
5. Write your BlueLight Cinemas memories and share with friends on social media.

Pick one or more to do to support a small business owner in our own community.
<<< Some things people are saying about BlueLight Cinemas >>>

I love this place and have been going for years. now my kids and i ride our bikes here.

My wife and friends and I have really enjoyed Bluelight Cinemas over the years and would be heartbroken to see it close. It is a great social gathering spot in the community and is a real gym that should be preserved.

Our family has enjoyed many events at the BlueLight Cinemas. We want to support locally owned family business that enrich and offer choices to the community.
We have been patrons of this theater for many years and would hate to see it close. Shame on the landlord!

The family who has owned it has taken great care in trying to make it a family affair and a place where our local community can have events, etc. As well, they have donated to our local school events (they donated free movie tickets to our children who participated in our walk a thon).

BlueLight Cinemas has been a wonderful partner with the Cupertino Library to offer films and events that extend popular Library programs. I hope the landlord and business owners can agree to a plan that will allow BlueLight Cinemas to operate at least until the Oaks site has an approved redevelopment plan. Why do tenants need to be forced out when there's no approval to do something else with the site?

In order to be a thriving city, we need to work on preserving our community. Blue light Cinemas is a place that supports the community and it is very important that we preserve this.

The Bluelight Cinemas' owners have been outstanding pillars of the community by offering so many types of entertainment for the community and for charitable causes. We hope they can stay running as long as the Oaks Center is still operating. It would be a wonderful gesture by the Oaks' owners to support that theater complex in every way they can.

The Bluelight is fantastic. It is very family oriented with low ticket prices, Super Tuesday $2 days, and usually at least 2 kid friendly movies playing. It has a lot of community related events by working with local facilities such as the public library. It is a really fun local place.

The BlueLight has done so many things for the community over the years I cannot even count. It's the only place that you can see some great documentaries and artsy films. I love the film festivals with professional commentators at the end (done in conjunction with the Cupertino Library Foundation) and they are free. Couldn't have a better family business in town.

That is really too bad about Blue Light. I enjoyed the theaters there back in the 70's and 80's before Blue Light, too, and was so glad when it re-opened. Unfortunately, Cupertino missed the boat long ago when it would have been more feasible to build a cute little downtown area. Instead we just get one strip mall after another...or one mixed-use mall after another nowadays. Cupertino is looking like a patchwork quilt of mixed-use malls. Nothing cohesive or community-like about it.

I love the Bluelight Cinemas...�

So bummed! They kept movies so affordable! Been going to that theater for decades. Will really miss it! Best of luck and gratitude to the owners! ����

This is really sad. I wonder who will be next?

that is sad. I love taking my kids to movies there. Small enough that there are no big lines or crowds and close enough to not have to deal with the traffic between here and Vallco. I wish they could stay.

We can't bear these closings at the Oaks. We enjoy a movie at Bluelight and a drink or dinner next door at Enzo's. It will be years before development. Why drive tenants away! KT Urban, you are not making friends in the Community. We in West Cupertino can get to the Oaks without fighting Stevens Creek traffic! Please don't drive tenants away!

It's a shame to close this place. It's one of very few options for low income seniors to enjoy movies. I've enjoyed going there for many years; they are an asset to our community.

We need and inexpensive and local theater within walking distance of many Cupertino residence.

It is sad to see such memorable and iconic places fall victim to fast urbanization of suburban communities like Cupertino.

Love Cupertino for what it is!!! People are dealing with enough stress & pressure!! Let's not take away their small pleasures!!!

I grew up going to this place, I've taken my own children here as well. While I completely agree it'd been neglected beyond belief and needs tlc, that's no reason to close it! Fix ithe up a little, and make more money, it's not rocket science!!!

I love this theatre & its affordability & that they host community events.

Save this wonderful gem!

This theater is a community jewel and should be saved.

We have enjoyed blue light cinemas and want to support local small business owners.

Home town atmosphere with an affordable price.

I enjoyed their frozen bananas. Oh wait, they don't have those anymore...but I still like their independent movie premieres.

I love this place! We need to keep some traditions alive.

Reasonable prices and good movies. DON'T CLOSE THIS THEATRE.

It is important to not obliterate all of the businesses of the past. History is important for all of us; present and future.

Keep fighting for people power!

Politicians and rich CEOs shouldn't make all the decisions. Today we ask you to help keep free and independent. Our job as a public benefit company is to help petitions like this one fight back and get heard. If everyone who saw this chipped in monthly we'd secure's future today. Help us hold the powerful to account. Can you spare a minute to become a member today?

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