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Apologize to Adelina Sotnikova

Our Russian girl won gold medal on Olympic Games in Figure Skating few days ago. Not only Russians, but experts from other countries agree that her program, her performance was really high level. She did a small mistake, but because of difficult jump, that was not a problem for earing scores. High speed, high level - Adelina was perfect. Maybe her performance was not so feminine like Kim Yuna's was. But Kim Yuna's performance was not so high level, she chose a simple program, speed also wasn't high. 

It was absolutely clear who is fighting for a medal and who did not even try to show that she is interested in medals. Yuna won her medal 4 years ago. This is another reason why Kim didn't get the medal. If you are watching figure skating not only once in 4 years, you should know that. Once you get the medal, it would be hard to get it next time.

And dear Koreans, Kim Yuna is not the only one who has talent and who should be a winner. There are a lot of talented girls. We understand that all of you love Kim Yuna. But open your eyes. Her program was simple, that's why she got silver medal.

We know how you can insult your own idols and celebrity, but how you dare insult our girl and her family? She is not Korean, so do not even try to say smth about her. Shame on you, Korean netizens. Shame on you country, cuz you have no manners. Ask for forgiveness. You should seek to relive the hurt through the eyes of the person that you offended. You ought to make an effort to put Kim Yuna in the Adelina’s place and relive the offense. We hope you would finally come to your senses and realize how wrong you have been.

Here you can find some screenshots of comments in Adelina's instagram.


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