Update Pirate101!

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This game hasn't had a major update like a world in a very very long time and the game is dying and I won't have it.you frequently update wizard101 but not pirate101 I grew up with these games I prefer pirate but even if you hate pirate101 signing this petition can make a difference it will help encourage KI to update and better their games,We want the game to change you can update the game or by giving it to another caring company or are you just money hungry?Pirate101 will bring you money if you just give it care. I made so many friends within this game, friends who are antisocial and such this game helped with my depression it doesn't matter if you don't play or like the game helps the people who do! Please send this petition to everyone, every facebook group, everyone KI supporters, everybody who loves the game and even send it to KI themselves so they can notice it Please.KI do you just care for the money? or the players desire?