Stop Chicken Abuse Among Fast Food Chain!

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Due to the high demand of poultry meat and eggs from fast food chains, chicken farms are competing to deliver more produce in a smaller amount of time. This will suppress the value of chickens and cost less to produce. However: 

  • Every year, about 50 billion chickens are slaughtered for their meat.
  • In 2007 alone, 280 million hens laid over 77.3 billion eggs (that’s about 276 eggs per hen!). 
    >This is an alarming number as hens normally lay 320 eggs in the span of 4 years.
  • Some chickens are genetically modified to rapidly increase their overall growth, specifically their breast tissues, thigh tissues, and their weight.
    >This is dangerous as the chickens cannot handle the excess weight. They are then susceptible to painful skeletal deformities, heart failure, and other infectious diseases
  • Due to their living conditions, chickens are also forced to live and grow surrounded by their excrements, with minimum lights, and also bad ventilation.

This is such an abuse! They have made good progress in stopping these kind of abuse to chicken in Europe by making fast food restaurant sign Better Chicken Commitment. But how about in Asia? NONE! Join us in Voice of Chicken - Asia Campaign to stop chicken abuse! #FarFromAbuse