Bring back KFC potato wedges.

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At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!

    As a child, Kentucky Fried Chicken was my fast food restaurant of choice. When I was two years old my sister was in a bad car accident. She was only nine years old and was only on a bike when she was hit by a semi. While she was in the hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries including a leg amputation, my dad and I would bring her food. Although we also favored Burger King, we always had a craving for KFC's flavorful potato wedges. The crisp shell breaking to reveal and soft inside with the perfect amount of seasoning was enough to put a smile on all of our faces despite the circumstances. 

    Another reason why KFC's potato wedges hold a special place in my heart is because it was our favorite side at a big family picnic that we took at least twice a year. Every summer my mom's side of the family would pack up and head down to Mohican for the day. We'd go on hikes, swim in the river, and play games. It was the highlight of the year for me, more exciting than any holiday! On our way, we would pick up a huge order of KFC. Of course it had to be a big order because we had my family of four, my grandparents, my three cousins, and my aunt and uncle. We always had to get an insane amount of potato wedges because no matter what, there was never enough. My cousins and I would have races and tournaments to see who won the last of the delicacy that was the KFC jo-jos. Once we went on a hike and left our food at our site with our grandma. We came back to find that a raccoon had ate the rest of our food! The rest of the kids and I weren't very concerned. We had already ate all the potato wedges and we were satisfied. Every year, without fail, my family got KFC for one of our favorite picnic traditions.

    Growing up in a small town with very few restaurant choices, we have to drive to eat out. Just sixteen minutes away was Willard, Ohio with several choices. I could choose McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc., but what restaurant did I choose? That's right, the one and only Kentucky Fried Chicken. Before I could drive I would beg my parents to drive me to Willard so I could get my favorite potato wedges! Every time I went on a date in Willard I suggested KFC, though I didn't always get my way. All my life I have been eating these amazing potato wedges and I am not willing to let them go this easily. 

    Recently, the decision was made to quit serving potato wedges at all KFC restaurants in the United States. This means that I could drive hours, and hours and never find what I will forever be searching for, my potato wedges. Instead of the immaculate potato wedges, KFC has decided to serve fries. I can get fries wherever I go, almost every restaurant serves fries. What does every restaurant lack? The rare, tasteful serving of potato wedges. The worst part is that KFC employees are ordered to season the fries to taste like chicken. If I wanted to taste chicken, I would buy chicken, not fries. The potato wedge's different shapes created a variety of different textures and flavors. There was always something for everyone. My mom and I favor crispy foods, while my dad and brother favor soft foods. There was always a bit of both, crispy and soft, with every bite of KFC's potato wedges. Where is the variety in fries? The same thickness results in the same texture, making it either all crispy or all soft. Without variety, there is boredom. We need flavor, we need texture, we need fun, we need our potato wedges!

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