Drop All Charges Against These Kids!

Drop All Charges Against These Kids!

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Two Tulsa teenagers were walking on a side street when officers arrested them for jaywalking, even though they weren’t. The ONLY reason they were detained was because they were black. If not for it being recorded, we would never know the truth.

Sure you could say that all the teen had to do was comply like his cousin did, but they shouldn't have been stopped in the first place. I guarantee you that if the kids were white, this would not have happened. Ask yourself what would you do if you were walking on a side street, and people grabbed you from behind? Now, throw in there that you had been abused as a child. I bet you wouldn't just stand there.

Being white, I could never understand what black people have to go through on a daily basis, but I can empathize with them. Also, I know that having people sign this petition isn’t going to do much to stop the systemic racism in America, but I figure it’s better than just watching the video and shaking my head. 

I‘m happy that we’re protesting and signing petitions, but we need to do more... we MUST do more!