Covid Families Demand Voices and Presence

Covid Families Demand Voices and Presence

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                               The Covid-19 Guardian Angel Project

In the single breath it took for our dad to cross the threshold into the hospital, we lost

·        Our Voices

·        Our Power to collaborate in medical treatment

·        Our Acts of nurturing comfort and loving support

We became Invisible to the ordinary world and medical providers.

Our sorrowful story of loss from Covid-19 is no different than those of the family and friends of the other 210,000+ patients who have died.  Our dad was 90 years old.  His doctor had told him at his annual physical in February that he would live beyond 100 and that he had the heart, lungs and physical health and strength of men 50 years old.  Dad had managed with mild Covid-19 symptoms at home for 7 days.  We monitored his symptoms numerous times throughout each day.  On the 7th day he had cut 5 acres of grass and ridden his stationary bike for 5 miles.  But later that afternoon when his oxygen saturations dropped to 88, we coerced him into going to the hospital.  That is the first of the painfully nagging “what ifs” that will haunt us forever.  Talk to any surviving family member of Covid-19; we are mentally tormented with “what ifs”.  The Emergency Room doctor called us as we anxiously waited in our car in the hospital parking lot and informed us that our dad had Covid in his lungs, but was on the “other side of it” and would be in the hospital no more than 2-3 days.  Our dad died within 6 days.  That ER doctor was the only and last doctor we spoke with for the duration of those 6 days. We had requested a consultation with a doctor when dad began to worsen.  We were sent a Palliative Care nurse instead.  We had numerous questions and opinions about our dad’s medical treatment, but those were received and addressed only by his ICU nurses.  We lost our Voices and our Power to collaborate in our dad’s medical treatment. During day 3 we noticed a change in our dad’s emotional state; he was becoming anxious and depressed.  Phone calls and Zoom contacts were difficult due to his oxygen equipment and his beginning stage of Failure to Thrive.  Failure to Thrive is exacerbated by depression and decline in cognitive abilities.  Dad’s anxiety and depression continued to increase, and he was at times mildly confused.  We learned from the ICU staff that many patients in the ICU experience “ICU Delirium” caused by being confined in a small and unfamiliar space with unfamiliar people.  Covid-19, plus Failure to Thrive, plus ICU Delirium = an extremely poor prognosis.  Our loving, vibrant, strong, mentally cognizant, multi-decorated police officer, father to 5, grandfather to 17 and great grandfather to 32, died within 6 days of hospitalization.  Although he had hovered over each of us when we had been ill or having a difficult time, we lost our Acts of nurturing comfort and support to our dad.  Our dad might have survived Covid-19, but he was not able to survive the combination of Covid-19, Failure to Thrive depression, and ICU delirium and anxiety.  Medical intervention is the only treatment for Covid-19.  A familiar voice, a familiar touch, a familiar sharing of a shared history…these are the only treatments for Failure to Thrive and ICU delirium, but our Covid-19 loved ones have been denied these interventions.

Our grief and the grief of all Covid-19 survivors is no different than the painful and overwhelming grief suffered by all.  Our cheeks have stains of tears, our hearts randomly erupt in sorrow, and pieces of our lives are hollow with the absence of our loved one.

What is different for Covid-19 survivors is our healing.  We are angry and our minds and hearts are filled with rage that we lost our Voices, our Power, and Acts of nurturing comfort and support.  Our healing is stagnated by our anger – our anger that current hospital practices for treating patients with Covid-19 renders family members powerless.

Our loved ones vanished from us in the breath it took to cross the threshold into the hospital.  There were no final loving touches exchanged, no “I love you” heard, no “you are the best daddy in the world” heard….

Our loved ones are not a number.  Our loved ones are not a nobody.  We survivors will no longer be invisible, powerless, or silent.

Since March 2020, the medical field has made advancements in the treatment of hospitalized Covid-19 patients. Seven months later, it is time that we make humanitarian advancements in the care of Covid-19 patients.  Talk to us survivors.  Read our Facebook groups. We are not healing, and we are angry.  There was no humanity in our loved one’s Covid death.

We are pleading for immediate changes so that future Covid-19 patients and families do not share our experiences.  Surely, we can improve our humanity in the care of Covid-19 patients and families. 

This petition pleads for:

1)     The commission of a taskforce within the next two weeks to address current hospital practices of “no physical visits” with Covid-19 adult patients.

2)     The above taskforce to be comprised equally of medical providers, medical administrators, and Covid-19 family survivors.

3)     Within 6 weeks, hospital policy and practices are modified and implemented to allow Covid-19 patients physical visitations with identified loved ones.

4)     An established practice for an identified family member to collaborate minimally every day with their loved one’s treating physician. 


                                                 MAKE US VISABLE! 

                                                 HEAR OUR VOICES!

                                              RESTORE OUR POWER!

                                     RESTORE HUMANITY TO COVID-19!

Every Covid-19 Patient both Requires and Deserves a Designated

                                                Guardian Angel


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!