Save Our Local Indonesian Fruit from Extinction

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Save Our Local Indonesian Fruit from Extinction

This petition is proudly made by Kezia, Lianti, LG, Ravhell, Michael, students of 9 Isaiah, Saint John Catholic School BSD from our collective concern and love for the preservation
our local fruit.

Written by Michael

Local Indonesian fruits are various and may be considered tropical, these fruits are healthy and are needed by many people, but they are near extinct. These local fruits are only produced at more than 20 million tons per year but less than 50 million tons per year, while the citizens of Indonesia reach more than 270 million; it's not even enough to feed local fruits for the entire population of Indonesia. These local fruits are only served and sold to limited people, and other people prefer to eat fruits from other countries; what is the point of producing local and unique fruits if we don't even get these that much? This problem is important for Indonesia, its culture, and its local fruits.

The Problem
Written by Ravhell

In 1999, the Food and Agriculture Organization assessed that since the 1900's the world has lost about 75% of its genetic biodiversity in agriculture. Today as much as 75% of the world's fruit is created or produced from just 12 types of plants. Moreover, a majority of the various existing crops have extraordinarily diminished from farmer's fields. Other than that, a survey from Snapcart's shopping receipts discovers the majority of people usually eat chips and are least likely to eat fresh fruits as snacks. It is undeniable that marketing fruits as consumer goods is quite difficult because food production can't use machines since they are from plants. Aside from that, it takes a lot of time and effort to grow fruits. Because of this, fruits in markets are least likely to be sold and bought.

The Impact
Written by Lianti

Right now, many of us consume imported fruit and rarely consume local fruits. If we keep continuing this habit, it can cause a negative impacts. What are the negative impacts? The local fruits will extinct really quick because we never consume it in our daily live. Indonesian people will no longer can taste their own local fruit due to extinction. The local fruit export might decreased and it might impact economic. People in our country no longer care about the local fruits because we keep on consuming imported fruits.
So now, let’s start consuming the local fruits to prevent extinction.

Our Suggestion
Written by LG

First off, we need to learn about what's happening to our native plants, which is why the petition is here to help to inform you about this. Another suggestion is that, we start to reproduce plants in a different way. Rather than relying on the market's stock, we could try and do the planting ourselves. Even though it might take more time, it's much cheaper at the end, as the plant will keep on bearing fruit as long as it is taken care of. A more modern technique, such as cryopreservation (freezing cells and tissues at –196°C) and cold storage, could help. As it could prevent short-lived seeds and seed-borne diseases, making the seed growth much more effective.

Written by Kezia

In conclusion, local fruits could become extinct if we continued to consume imported fruits. We can save local Indonesian fruits from extinction by growing the fruits itself and the most important thing is to consume more local fruits than imported fruits. By eating local Indonesian fruits, we can prevent local fruits extinction while fulfilling our nutrition needs. There is no harm in us eating local fruit, right? So, what are you waiting for? Starting today let's eat more local Indonesian fruits.

We hope that with this petition there will be many people who will be motivated to consume more local Indonesian fruit or grow their own local Indonesian fruit.
So, friends, let's increase the consumption of local Indonesian fruit so that fruit extinction can be prevented. Let's sign this petition and be part of the movement to prevent local Indonesian fruit extinction. Your participation in this petition will be very meaningful for the fate of Indonesia's local fruits and also for our future.