Keep Goodlife Health Club Crèche’s OPEN

Keep Goodlife Health Club Crèche’s OPEN

2 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kate McMahon

My name is Kate. I suffered from extreme post natal depression with my first child and had zero outlet for my mental and physical health. Now with my second child, being able to attend a gym where I can leave my baby with carers that she loves has been life changing. 

Members of Goodlife Health Clubs and Fitness First gyms are livid that this hugely popular créche service is being axed right across the country. 

Closing down all the crèches in Australia will be such a loss, not only for thousands of parents but for hundreds of employees who face losing their jobs.

This is why I am calling on Goodlife Health Clubs to keep their Créche’s open.

Like so many parents, we have no family close to us that we can call on to mind our kids, and hiring babysitters for every outing is unaffordable for most parents. Closing this service will come at the cost of the health and wellbeing of so many parents.

Let’s send a message to Goodlife Health Clubs that parents across the country want this wonderful service to continue.

Because we all deserve to take care of our health.




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Signatures: 7,684Next goal: 10,000
Support now

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