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Currently, there is a $36 MILLION dollar soccer complex being advanced through city council solely for the Northland. $36 MILLION! The soccer complex is being pushed by a developer (Olson Engineering) & Sporting KC. The problem is that WE as tax payers will be paying this 36 MILLION dollars and there is not widespread public knowledge of the plan.

We are not against a soccer complex being developed in the Northland whatsoever. We are against tax payers funding it. Especially because the burden to fund the project is ours collectively but the revenue will NOT be ours collectively. Public money for private gain is a problem in any climate.

That is even more egregious as we’re in the midst of the worst economic downturn we’ve ever seen.

The economic climate in Kansas City is very very bleak currently. There are lives being lost, jobs on the line, LITERALLY hundreds of businesses being closed, families struggling to maintain gainful employment and balance their newly acquired home schooling duties and so much more.

In addition to this; right now, Parks & Recreation as a department is short well over $60 MILLION needed to create equity by enhancing the assets (parks) in the poorest zip codes which obviously represent a black & brown majority.

There should very simply be some light shed on this process of approving a mega soccer complex on the backs of everyday people. While at the same time further delaying equitable investment for the very people that funded this project. We think the project has great merit but with NON public money.

Kansas City is an amazing place to call home. For that to be true for our kids tomorrow, we must ensure that we stand on the right side of equity today.

Very humbly submitted.