Restore our Rivers. Stop the Trump Water Plan.

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As a member of California’s Pit River tribe, I grew up within a community which deeply values our connection with the animals and environment around us. We call ourselves the Salmon People, because like so many tribes on the West Coast we have always depended on the salmon for our survival.

But because of dams and water diversions, our river hasn’t had salmon for 80 years. And now the Trump administration is taking comments on a a plan that could cause them to go extinct in a few decades. Federal biologist that sounded the alarm that this plan would kill fish were just replaced.

This plan will divert immense amounts of water from rivers in the north, to industrial farmers in the south of the state, and it ends plans to bring the salmon home to the cold waters above the Shasta Dam

When the salmon disappeared, our Pit River tribe lost our way of life. We lost our means of building community around traditional fishing, and we lost an important food source in a region with minimal access to grocery stores. This combined with so many other challenges our people face has lead to enormous spikes in alcoholism, heart disease, diabetes, and suicide.

This plan threatens all tribes living along the Sacramento River, Bay Delta Tribes, the Klamath River, and the San Francisco Bay. It endangers the commercial fishing industry, and our entire state’s drinking water supply.

These plans will reward rich corporate interests, while condemning California’s salmon and endangering my people. We have to stop it.

Human health and wellness is directly tied to the state of the environment around us. Our fate is intertwined with the salmon and we are already seeing the consequences of losing our fish populations in the Pit River.

Don’t let Trump pump California’s salmon out of existence. Sign my petition demanding that he stop his dangerous water plan.