Remove the Ontario Pitbull Ban!

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Over 10 years ago Ontario had a dog fighting problem. The problem has no disappeared, but the actions taken back then no longer help to solve it. When a dog is beaten and abused into becoming a fighting dog they are no longer a dog, they are emotionally and mentally unstable and though it is not their fault, they cannot be rehabilitated from that state. Because of this, the Government of Ontario created a "Pitbull" ban (I put pitbull in brackets because it is not a breed it is a mutt, but various specific breeds have been ban under this act).

The most common type of pitbull is the Staffordshire Terrier. First of all, lock-jaw is not real. Bully-breeds have more muscle mass in their jaws, this is true, but there is no science behind a claim that their jaws lock. Staff Terriers are an extremely loyal breed. A breed that thrives on pleasing their alpha (owner). Because of their loyalty they are not only protective, but will continue to love and protect an owner that abuses them and forces them into such disgusting situations where the dog not only has to fight to survive, but is trying to protect their alpha. These dogs are not aggressive or mean unless their owner trains them to be so. 

Over 10 years has passed, the pitbull ban did it's job. The blood lines of those who were forced into the life of violence has ended, so why hasn't the ban? The only reason there are still people who fear the made-up breed of pitbull is because we give them reason to by having a law that says these dogs are dangerous. After world war two, everyone hated German Shepherds. For 6 gruesome years they were seen as a loyal companion to a disgusting man. Now they are seen for what they truly are, an incredibly smart and loyal breed. The only way to stop dangerous pitbulls is to stop telling people they're dangerous. It's the people who train then wrong who are dangerous. 

Let's remove the pitbull ban and rebuild the lost friendship of some very loyal dogs. 

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